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teachers' union express high confidence they can reach a deal today... on this fourth day of the strike. good afternoon. i'm steve sanders. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. wgn's nancy loo is live outside the chicago hilton... with more on the talks and when teachers may return to the classrooom: >>there is no word on a deal yet. both sides are negotiating
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today and the leaders are sounding more optimistic about the end to the strike kids may not be back in their classrooms until next week at the earliest. school board leaders and union leaders returned to the chicago hilton this morning amid expectations of a deal today the board's latest offer includes movement on two key issues the evaluation process and revisions and the recall of teachers after layoffs without a deal third largest district remain on the picket line for a fourth straight day ... the mood is lighter today because of the progress in the contract talks >>all parties have been very focused we are making the best use of our time but i would say to you that there is no way unless we really attack this that we will have an agreement
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and have the kids in school by tomorrow i would say it's unlikely ... i think we have too much still on the table to get anything done ... >>the house of delegates will not vote on just one part of this the key is that we have to have a comprehensive package for the house to look at and decide upon ... >>teacher's may not be back at work until monday at the earliest because the union house of delegates won't vote on a contract package until tomorrow at the earliest and that's assuming the two sides reach any agreement today ... the union stresses that there are still dozens of issues to work through but the good news is that they are negotiating today ... wgn news was told that house of delegates meeting is already
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scheduled for tomorrow afternoon that's the latest from the hilton while the strike continues there is yet another option for parents of cps students.. this one's a little more fun than most. second city is offering comedy camp for kids.. they can spend the day learning improv and sketch comedy writing- for free. wgn's amy rutledge is live in old town.. at the second city traning center, where comedy camp is in session. this has not banned and easy week for the parents trying to find care for their kids and spending lots of money the cps is expanding the hours of its children's first program ... and the second city is offering a free camp for the kids ... it's not a bad way to pass the day
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they are learning exercises improvisational games riding learning sketch comedy and producing ... these are free workshops and beginning today the children's first cites 147 of them are offering full day programs from a dirty in the morning until 230 in the afternoon many parents have their fingers crossed that all of this won't be necessary for much longer ... i spoke with parents today doing all the juggling to keep their kids out of trouble and engaged in education >>we have kids in multiple schools it's been very difficult for lots of families ... >>some people do not have the resources or the flexibility ... what else can they do >>it's good the kids can get out be creative and have some fun
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during this time this camp is full it's the second day they have a waiting list daily plan to hold camp through friday unless of course the strike continues but they will deal with that issue when they come to it ... a bargaining session is scheduled for this afternoon in lake forest, where teachers are this is the second day that teachers are walking the picket line. the school district is offering the teachers a 2.6% pay hike next year, and bigger raises in the two following years. the teachers want more than twice as much. new charges have been filed against a highland park teenager in the death of a five year old girl. 18 year old carly rousso is now charged with reckless homicide and four counts of aggravated dui. prosecutors believe she huffed a cleaning product before driving onto a sidewalk and hitting a family on labor day. 5 year old jaclyn santos- sacramento was killed. lab tests found a substance in rousso's blood that matched a cleaning product found in rousso's car.
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rousso is free on bond. defense attorneys in the christopher vaughn murder trial will continue to argue today... vaughn's wife is responsible for killing the couple's children, then herself. vaughn is charged with shooting kimberly and their three kids in the family vehicle in 2007. but, his lawyers claim she was distraught over his cheating. they also say she took medications that can cause violent or suicidal behavior. the prosecution wrapped-up their case yesterday. they called about 80 witnesses over four weeks. this morning the sister-in-law of christopher vaughn testified sang that kimberly had a panic attack a month before she died ... prosecutors may finish their arguments today against jack mccullough, who's charged with kidnapping and murdering a young girl. the 72 year-old is accused of killing maria ridulph in sycamore in december of 1957. yesterday, an inmate at the dekalb county jail testified mccullough told him... he strangled the seven year-old girl with a wire. the witness said mccullough couldn't contain his excitement when he talked about the murder. this inmate is serving a life
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sentence for committing a murder in the 1980s. a joliet priest accused of sexual abuse has been reinstated ... the reverent f. lee ryan had been accused of sexually molesting a boy in the 1970's his relationship with a 14 year- old did not meet the criteria of a crime during in church law during that period of time in the '70s ... he will minister to homebound parishioners ... coming up next public reaction to the new i-phone ... >>and another security breach in yemen at the american embassy ...
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about this country? trick question. i love everything about this country!
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including prilosec otc. you know one pill each morning treats your frequent heartburn so you can enjoy all this great land of ours has to offer like demolition derbies. and drive thru weddings. so if you're one of those people who gets heartburn and then treats day after day block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place. [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. protesters took to the streets again today outside several u.s. embassies in the middle east. hundreds of demonstrators stormed the u.s. embassy in yemen.. protesting a film they consider blasphemous to islam. witnesses say security guards tried to hold them off by firing
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into the air.. while protesters smashed windows of security offices outside the embassy.. and burned at least five cars, as they broke through the main gate of the compound. a security source said at least 15 people were wounded, and a dozen were arrested. anti-american demonstrators threw rocks and molotov cocktails.. as protests continued for a third day near the u.s. embassy in cairo. riot police fired warning shots and tear gas into the crowd. officials say at least 13 protesters and six police officers were injured. senator john mccain.. ranking member of the senate armed services committee.. says egypt should be doing more to help the u.s. americans are outraged when our embassy is attacked and the egyptian government does not take the proper measures to protect them. how much does it affect our relationship with egypt? it's something we have to carefully calibrate ... iranian students enraged by the anti-muslim film protested today outside the swiss embassy in tehran. the swiss embassy represents u.s. interests in iran. since tuesday.. protests have also been reported in israel, gaza, sudan, tunisia morocco iraq, and among muslims in the indian-controlled region of kashmir.
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a fomer navy seal was one of four americans killed in tuesday's violent protest in libya. 42 year-old glen doherty was working for a private security company when he was killed along with u.s. ambassador john christopher stevens and two others, in the american consulate in benghazi. as the complex was hit by gunfire and rocket propelled grenades.. a fire started filling the safe room with smoke and driving at least one person to the roof. secretary of state hillary clinton says governments have a responsibility to protect those who serve in diplomatic sites. as long as there are those who are willing to shed blood and take innocent life in the name of religion in the name of god the world will never know a true and lasting peace. it is especially wrong for violence to be directed against diplomatic missions ...
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sources tracking militant islamist groups in eastern libya say the deadly attack was most likely carried out by a pro al qaeda group. president obama has vowed justice will be done. u-s warships are on their way to the coast of libya, and unmanned drones are being sent to help search for the killers. we are just learning that the fbi has spoken to the filmmaker ... voters in florida who were purged from the rolls after mistakenly being labeled as non- citizens... will have their voting rights restored in time for the november election. earlier this year... 2600 voters were informed they would not be allowed to vote unless they proved their citizenship. critics accused the state of unfairly targeting latinos. yesterday, state officials announced a federal immigration database was used to confirm citizenship for more than 2,000 voters... and they are now eiligible to vote. apple unveiled a lighter thinner and faster i-phone yesterday... and it will be available to order on friday. the "i-phone 5" has a larger display screen, a better camera and a longer lasting battery. the charging port on the new model is smaller, making current chargers obsolete...
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and you'll need an adapter to hook it up to old i-phone accessories. "i-phone 5" will start at 200 dollars with a two year contract. consumers can pre-order the new model this friday, and the phone will ship on september 21st. coming up next: the big changes coming to mcdonalds, how they'll affect the fast-food chain's menu and how customers and later in lunchbreak, a simple recipe that's packed with flavor: pickled zucchini salad.
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the federal reserve said it will buy more mortgage backed securities and keep interest rates lower until 2015 ... the
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number of americans filing for unemployment benefits was the highest in nearly two months looking at the stock market reaction is positive eight tenths of a percent up ... illinois has the highest foreclosure rate in the united states as of last month ... mcdonald's announced yesterday it will post calories and its restaurants ... after a mandate ... by the government asking to post caloric content and foods served ... people are more interested in price than in health during economic hard times ... new york city council has passed a policy to ban large
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sugary drinks ... coming up next: continuing coverage of the chicago teachers' strike... we're talking to an education consultant whose methodology is the basis for the teacher evaulation system that's a key point on the bargaining table. plus: the bulls' derrick rose weighs in on the strike and what it means for kids in the city. and: you know them from the wgn breakthrough band contest. "years" was the "runner up" this summer ... they perform
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time for sports ... the white sox missed the back of adam dunn he sat out his fifth straight game with a strained a bleak and his return is unclear gavin floyd was back from the disabled list but he did not make it through the fifth
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inning the white sox were down 3-1 in the seventh inning when prince fielder hits at 3 run home run to the right field the white sox bullpen gave up five runs ... the detroit tigers is still lead in the eighth inning of three run homer and lots of good statistics further kevin ... the white sox within two runs in the ninth inning with the tying run at the plate but orlando hudson strikes out looking the white sox lose 8-6 in their lead over detroit is down to one game that go for a serious split tonight the chicago cubs going for a series win in houston travis would pitched well for the cubs striking at six astros and only allowing one run on four hits in nearly eight innings the cubs were up one run in the fifth inning when alfonso soriano hit his 29, of the year he was a
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triple shy of that cycle the chicago cubs when five-one for their second series win in a row they are off today cash and the longest rivalry in the n.f.l. continues in green bay tonight the chicago bears and the green bay packers met for the hundred 85th time and while the bears lead the series overall they have not won their since 2007 jay cutler as a passer rating of 65 against pack aaron rodgers has 98 against the
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chicago public schools and the teachers' union are expressing high confidence they can reach a deal on a new contract today. this is the fourth day of the strike. the two big issues left: evaluations and the rehiring of laid-off teachers. if an agreement is struck today, cps is hoping kids will return to the classrooms tomorrow. but, the union thinks that's
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highly unlikely, and monday is more realistic. joining us now on the phone is charlotte danielson. she is an internationally recognized expert in teacher effectiveness, and teacher evaulations systems. thanks for joining us.... karen lewis president of the cpu is critical of these evaluations she says they don't take into account some of the social discrepancies like poverty and lack of parenting and therefore are not a good gauge of how the teachers might be doing how would you respond? >>the teacher evaluation system in chicago has two separate components: one has to do with assessing teachers based on what they do in the classroom ... practices and the second based
12:27 pm
on student results. my from work has concerned itself with teacher best practices. how well they do the work of teaching their results half of that equation is a part that i leave to others might understandy understanding is that second part is what is controversial ... >>what would you say to chicago teachers skeptical of your method? >>i would have to understand the skepticism but based on the research done here in chicago by the organization here during mass found that 100 percent of
12:28 pm
the teachers in their study and a hundred schools founded this approach to be beneficial and valuable so for all their right reasons ... if focused on them and their principles their mentors their coaches and other valuable professional conversations about best practices ... it is not in my interest for people to associate my name with a bad system i worked very hard to try to ensure that any evaluation system especially when using my work is done well and that means respecting teacher professionalism helping them to strengthen their practice on the and understanding that it's a complex kind of work that can always stand improvement but it is highly respectful and that's
12:29 pm
what resonates with the teachers >>measuring performance in keeping the best teachers and school is in everyone's interest so to answer the question and what is fertilized by a union president karen lewis some of the teacher practices might be a bit subjective >>no i think that represents a miss reading with respect to your question ... for example what teachers ask and classroom depends on what they are teaching ... but anyone observing teaching in making judgments about best practice must be trained to do so
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accurately that is a critical linchpin of a valid system but chicago has a system for this and not only do the principles and the other evaluation participants have to be trained in gets killed if they actually have to pass a test and demonstrate that they can do this i am delighted that chicago and the rest of the state has done s that is the best guarantee that i believe to the teachers that they are being evaluated fairly and not subject of late. >>missed daniel seine thank you for joining us charlotte daniels and thank you for joining us bulls star derrick rose grew up neighborhood... and he's been very active on twitter... urging cps to get kids back in school. during an event this morning to promote his new clothing and shoe line... rose was asked about the teachers strike.
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he became emotional talking about the hardships many families are facing. i am from chicago. right here in the city and to see the kids out early when they are supposed to be in school bit hurts knowing that they should be getting more education. rose has been busy latey. besides rehabilitating his surgically repaired left knee... rose teamed up with adidas to create the "d-rose-3 signature collection" of clothing and shoes. he also just became an equity partner and national spokesman for "giordano's pizza." the temperatures will tumble but they will be back in the next couple of days and the return of
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the sunshine for the weekend that those are the headlines in the weather ... for the balance of the 2 week. coming there will be some cool weather hadcoming temperatures have fallen to the '50s to the west of illinois where the rainshowers have begun we have some post frontal rain storms there is a wind shift to the north and we are on the cooler side of that front and the rain will follow the temperatures will grow cooler as that happens there were big thunderstorms happening in texas ... that is taking of the
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moisture that would have otherwise landed here here is the view of the sunshine to the west in the plains states. once the sun comes out there are big temperature drops underneath the clouds and then the temperatures rebound pretty nicely ... we're looking at the model you see the rain spreading by 3:00 this afternoon ... that will continue to the evening rush-hour and patches continuing to 9:00 this evening by midnight we will see some clearing and it will cool off. to the northwest temperatures drop 2830 degrees ...
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as you had west the sun comes out it's up to 71 degrees in rapid city. a nice weekend coming up. we are in the '70s right now there will be some evaporative cooling so we will be in the '50s by late this afternoon by the way the mold count is up at alert levels the third time in this past month that it's been the case 50,000 spores per cubic meter that's misery ... and it ragweed and pollen counts are up as well
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the wind is also picking. up. temperatures are heading for the fifties later today as the of africa if cooling takes place. evaporative cooling takes place ... we will lead the evening temperatures that we have not seen the school since mayhis cool since may....
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looking at the temperatures of the next 15 days: 4 believe idegrees below normal for the first five and seven degrees below normal up to that 15 day range ... we're looking at the buckle in the jet stream that brings that cooler canadian air we could see 30 degree temperatures overnight in the northern suburbs as early as next week ... after this evening we will enter into a beautiful, sunny weather pattern. by the way there was
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some snow on the mountain tops of colorado there is some beautiful autumn color out there now. this afternoon here in chicago cloudy with showers some areas may see a half-inch of rain. temperatures will fall to the fifties later this afternoon ... clearing cooler after the evening showers tonight. 48 at o'hare ... '50s and the city and near the lakeshore seasonably mild on saturday... 74 degrees.
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in medical watch.. popping a pill may ease your pain.. but it could also damage your ears. a new study finds women who took ibuprofen or acetaminophen two or more days per week had an increased risk of hearing loss. the more often a woman took either pain reliever, the higher her risk for hearing loss. the researchers report the link between the two medicines and hearing loss tended to be greater in women younger than 50.. especially for those who took ibuprofen six or more days per week. there was no association between aspirin use and hearing loss. a new study suggests being in a bad mood may make you a better eyewitness. australian researchers report people in a positive mood were more likely to have relatively unreliable memories and demonstrate poorer judgment and critical thinking skills. but people in a negative mood, such as sadness, provided more reliable eyewitness accounts and showed superior judgment and communication skills. the researchers say the study results show our recollections of past events are more likely to be contaminated by irrelevant information when we're in a positive mood.
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lunchbreak is next. you know her from "top chef season 9"... heather terhune is here with her recipe for pickled zucchini salad. ot sfilodour útpúmp1@ñ@íñuóhñpw?÷o3ól?xñnop]ñ÷?v?@g;í0óíúúç0loíúk6@uvmxwúçktxwúññéçp÷ó
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in today's lunchbreak: pickled zucchini salad. heather terhune was on "top chef season 9", and she is the executive chef at sable kitchen & bar. you are showing us a great recipe and what a big heart you have for helping out children with cancer ...
12:49 pm
next friday the 21st we are doing a fund-raiser for children's oncology ... it brings everyone together to raise money so they can go to a great camp. it's great that all of you come together all your great chefs here in chicago to help the cause ... "n" line this is a pickled zucchini salad with fresh mozzarella cheese and frise.... i began my pickling liquid earlier with apple cider vinegar
12:50 pm
turmeric mustard seed sugar water salt pepper.... bring that to a boil and then let it rest. this is a french mandoline that creates nice ribbons of zucchini.... i sliced some onions by take some water and salt to the
12:51 pm
zucchini and we take those ribbons and we put it in the pickling liquid overnight 24 hours is the optimal marinating time. the longer it breasts and the liquid the stronger the flavor you can do this with just about any vegetable. take slices of fresh mozzarella cheese....
12:52 pm
i have some fresh dill, a traditional flavoring in pickles... and olive oil. something with some real flavor
12:53 pm
and a balsamic cream or syrup.... heather terhune, thanks so much for joining us. she and her restaurant sable kitchen and bar, will be featured at "toque", a benefit for childrens oncology services. that's friday september 21st at 7:00 p.m. at the hilton towers. for tickets, go to: charity my restaurant is 5 05 north state street at illinois. for today's recipe, or to watch the segment again, log on to: / midday.
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time now for the answer to today's trivia question. we asked: in what year did the bears start playing at soldier field? a. 1969 b. 1971 c. 1973 the answer: b. 1971. they beat the steelers 17-15 in their first game there. the rain will clear by midnight and we are in for a very nice weekend with lots of sunshine. cool tonight with 40's and the suburbs... we will be into the '70s again by saturday.
12:57 pm
by tomorrow morning we will be in the low 47 the suburbs so this rain shower will be cooling things off. we will warm up this weekend ... the french will go through monday in the cool air will be back tuesday ... we will have another caller surge of air coming down next week and that will be the trend for the next seven days in fact the next two weeks 72 degrees tomorrow up to 74 saturday 76 on sunday monday 74 temperatures lower to 63 by tuesday in the '60s for the remainder of the week next week... autumn is on the way. thanks for joining us today. we hope you have a great afternoon. remember we are back at 5:00 this evening and again at 9:00.
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we leave you with more music from the indie-pop band, "years". they're on stage tomorrow night at 9:00 at reggie's music joint. you get more info at their website: the music years .com
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